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Democrats Emerge from State Convention United

The Democratic State Convention ended in a decisive victory for Ned Lamont, who earned the nomination for Governor with support from 87 percent of delegates attending. Susan Bysiewicz earned the party nomination for Lieutenant Governor, receiving 59 percent of delegates. 

“I believe in Connecticut. It is that simple,” said Lamont. “The challenges we face are real, but if we all work together to build a movement one person at a time, I believe that our best days are ahead of us.”

The Connecticut Democratic Party emerged united as Lamont earned overwhelming support and the party’s nomination for Governor. Lamont said he is committed to hearing from residents firsthand about how to put Connecticut on a sustainable path, starting with an honestly balanced budget. 

“Today the Democratic Party came together and supported a unified vision for our state. I am honored to have earned the party’s endorsement for Governor and I am excited for the work ahead. We are going to knock on every door, visit every small town and big city and ask people to believe again,” Lamont said. “We have a great group of Democrats. We have traveled the state and heard from community leaders about what their priorities are to move the state forward. What we’ve learned on the campaign trail and what this convention has shown is that as Democrats, we are united.”

From working to ensure women earn equal pay for equal work, to giving the students the right to dream and respecting immigrants’ rights, Norwalk City Councilor Eloisa Melendez in her nominating speech said Lamont will make the bold changes needed to move Connecticut forward. 

“Ned believes in my future, he believes in our future,” said Melendez. “Ned will work to make college more affordable and fight for our ‘Dreamers.’ Ned will work to close the wage gap because Latina women in Connecticut only make 47-cents to the white man’s dollar. Ned will celebrate and respect immigrants, like my mother, so that they know they are welcome in Connecticut.”

“I believe in Ned Lamont, because he believes in all of us. That’s why I’m proud to have nominated Ned Lamont as the next Governor of Connecticut,” said Melendez.

“Our party has always been one of opportunity. Together we are unbeatable,” said Sean Connolly. “With Ned Lamont at the top of the ticket, I know no one will be left behind.”

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp said Connecticut needs a Governor who is committed to lifting up all students, investing in our transportation infrastructure and fully supporting the state’s cities so they can be the economic engines Connecticut needs to thrive. 

“We need a Governor that we can depend on to fully fund our public schools. We need a Governor who will invest in our infrastructure. We need a Governor who will help us build our economy, so we can go forward. There is so much at stake in this election. The Republicans are coming for us. We need a strong ticket and a strong leader to face the rocky times ahead. I’m proud to be on Ned’s team,” said Harp. 

“I know Ned Lamont, and I know his heart,” said Harp. “Ned is asking us to believe in Connecticut. Not because it’ll be easy, but because when we work together, when we unite, there is no one who can stop us.”

Susan Bysiewicz showed considerable support despite only entering the race for Lieutenant Governor less than a week before the convention. Lamont and Bysiewicz announced that they would be teaming up on Tuesday, May 15, 2018. 

“I’m so honored to have earned the endorsement of the Democratic Party for Lieutenant Governor. We all learned a lesson in 2016, the Democrats didn’t come together, and we are paying dearly for that now. Tonight, we saw Democrats from all across Connecticut speak with one voice. They are ready for the campaign ahead, they are ready to stand up for Connecticut values, and they are ready for change. Ned and I are going to work hard in the coming months to make sure that happens,” Bysiewicz said. “I look forward to engaging with voters on the important issues during the primary.”