Turning Connecticut around and fixing our budget problems requires creating jobs and spurring economic growth. While much of the country has recovered from the Great Recession, Connecticut has not — thanks to decades of bad decisions from career politicians on both sides of the aisle.

My proposed property tax relief will save families across Connecticut up to $1500 annually and the average beneficiary $700 each year. But we need to do much more to grow our economy so that working families are able to build economic opportunity and financial security. I spent my career creating jobs and I know what businesses and employees need. I built a business from scratch, grew it here in Connecticut, took on big industry giants, and beat them at their own game. I know firsthand how state government can help businesses start up and succeed – and how it can get in the way. Whether entrepreneurs have the next big idea or a family wants to open a new neighborhood restaurant, our state government too often litters the path to success with needless fees, an endless maze of paperwork, and burdensome regulations that don’t protect public health and safety.

Connecticut can build a world-class economy by retaining and attracting talented entrepreneurs who will launch and expand new businesses in our state. New businesses – from high-growth startups to small mom-and-pop stores on main street – account for nearly all the net new jobs created. I will create an environment where startups and small businesses can thrive. I’ve done it myself and I know what it takes.

There’s no good reason for Connecticut’s startup rate to lag below the national average. We have top-notch universities, incredibly talented workers, proximity to Boston and New York, and leading industry clusters in insurance, biotech, financial technology, and defense. We can unleash the next wave of innovation right here in Connecticut with the right leadership and the right choices in Hartford.

My jobs plan begins by upending business as usual in the capital, cutting business taxes that inhibit growth, eliminating needless and outdated regulations, streamlining permitting, and investing in our strength: our people. I’ll turn our cities back into the economic growth engines they once were, making Connecticut a destination for jobs, investment, and entrepreneurs. We’ll let businesses thrive by getting out of their way. We’ll create good jobs with good wages that keep up with costs faced by the middle class. We’ll level the playing field so women and minorities have the same opportunities at economic success as everyone else. And we’ll train students and workers to ensure they have the skills they need to compete for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

A revitalized business climate will ensure Connecticut has the resources necessary to support our priorities as a state: investing in excellent public schools, caring for our most vulnerable communities, and sharing broadly in economic prosperity.

That’s why I’ve created a five-part plan to reinvigorate our economy and grow jobs across Connecticut.

My plan includes:

Connecticut Values

Ned is running for Governor because we need to change Connecticut’s direction before we fall too far behind. 

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