I believe that access to high-quality public education must be a right for all, not just the privileged few.

I have visited educational institutions all over the state hearing from driven students and passionate educators, and I am proud of the hard work that Connecticut has done to improve our educational system over the past few decades. Our teachers and educators are incredibly hard-working and I thank them for their dedication to the well-being of our children and adult-learners alike.

Critically, some of the ideas below represent tangible solutions that have little or no additional cost to the state, such as encouraging partnerships similar to the one between Goodwin College, Pratt and Whitney and local technology companies to grow our students’ skillsets.

A strong and vibrant education system designed for the needs of individuals of all ages and aligned with employers’ needs will help drive our state’s economic recovery, as employers will be able to hire Connecticut residents for Connecticut jobs, and be confident in growing in Connecticut.

That’s why I will strengthen our education system by focusing on:

Connecticut Values

Ned is running for Governor because we need to change Connecticut’s direction before we fall too far behind. 

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